Why Marine Collagen is Here to Stay…


Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in our bodies. Of over 20 different varieties, only Type l  collagen found in Marine Collagen supplements, comprises up to 90 percent of the total collagen found in our bodies. It’s no wonder everyone is talking about it!

Collagen 101

Not all collagen supplements are created equal. There are several different types and sources, which each benefit distinct parts of our bodies. Benesse Health’s Pure Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from single species fish skin. Marine Collagen is a Type l collagen which has been proven to be the most widely effective and has superior bioavailability; which means that your body is able to absorb it at a faster rate. Numerous studies have shown that Type l collagen reduces wrinkles, keeps skin and hair hydrated, makes nails stronger, and reduces pain associated with osteoarthritis. It also comes in different formats: liquid, capsules, and hydrolyzed (powder). Benesse Health collagen is hydrolyzed, which means the amino acid chains are broken down into small peptides, making it efficient for the body to absorb.

Consider the Source

Benesse Health is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company based out of North Vancouver, B.C., that obtains only the purest source of Marine Collagen. “We source our raw materials exclusively from wild-caught cod from the North Atlantic, where stringent fishing laws are enforced. Our raw materials are MSC certified, a third-party certification that ensures ethical and sustainable fishing practices while safeguarding against species depletion. We believe in a pure, sustainable source and are passionately committed to this.” says founder, Stephanie Gust.

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Pure and Clean

You will find one thing only in a jar of Benesse Health Pure Marine Collagen: 100 percent Marine Collagen peptides. Benesse Health prides themselves on being a single-ingredient product with no additives, preservatives, stabilizers, fancy flavours, or fillers. This means that every dose is as effective as it can be.

The Benefits

Benesse Health has received testimonials from both, men and women, stating that they see benefits in as little as two weeks.  Nails and hair are typically the first areas to benefit, with people reporting stronger, longer nails, and hair that stops falling out and begins to grow faster. When friends begin to comment on their skin radiance and overall appearance, Benesse Health customers are amazed. “It literally took 2 weeks for me to see the benefits.” Says Ana, from Vancouver, BC.  On average it takes 2-5 months to notice the full benefits on joints, depending on the level of repair. 

A few years ago I began to take Marine Collagen supplements and I was blown away by the benefits. However, I tried a few different brands and couldn’t find one that ticked all the boxes for me. In 2016, I set out on a mission to create a brand that would provide exactly what I was looking for: a pure, effective, ethically sourced 100 per cent Marine Collagen supplement, that is virtually tasteless and dissolves completely. 

Stephanie Gust, Founder of Benesse Health