2019 Brands to Follow: Benesse Health Pure Marine Collagen

As we embark on 2019; a variety of new trends are revealed to the health-conscious consumer. Many of the products have existed for quite some time, only recently discovered or soon to be introduced to the North American market.

There is a growing number of consumers searching for simple, but powerful products which are ethically sourced, clean and pure and most importantly effective.

Let's face it, trends come and go and the products that stand the test of time are the ones that really work.

The interest in Marine Collagen has been on a steady rise due to its many positive health benefits, which include improved joint mobility, and promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. Benesse Health is a Canadian owned and operated company that is focused on delivering sustainably sourced, clean and pure products. For this reason, the initial launch of Benesse Health 100% Natural Pure Marine Collagen was received with overwhelming demand and people who take this supplement continue to express how quickly they see the many benefits.

Stephanie Gust, Founder of Benesse Health is featured in the latest publication of Fresh Magazine. Women Inc. features twelve new women owned brands to follow in 2019.

The article in Fresh Magazine is on Page 29 on the link below:

Marine collagen has formed a part of the Japanese diet for thousands of years. The more recent introduction of marine collagen to the North American diet has been increasing rapidly over the last decade. Marine collagen is commonly refereed to as a new trend on an annual basis; The reality is that marine collagen is here to stay. It’s superior biovalibity and effectiveness when compared to other sources of collagen has led to its popularity.

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Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of how and where the fish are sourced to produce marine collagen. Benesse Health’s products are all derived from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. Raw materials are produced through ISO certified processes which are also SMETA four pillars certified.

Benesse Health looks forward to 2019 and wishes you all the best on your quest for healthy simple living in the new year.