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We like to share a few recent comments from people who have felt the benefits of taking our product and provided us with their personal feedback. We would love to hear from you and find out what specific benefits you have experienced...



“Adding this gem of a powder to my daily routine has been a game changer for my digestion.  My joints are also thanking me, as the pops and squeaks are gone and I can comfortably run to and from work every day without any problems."




“I switched over to Benesse Health Collagen this year. The quality, taste, ease of dissolving in  any liquid is noticeable from the first scoop. After a few weeks of regular use there was a definite improvement in my facial skin and my hair looked shinier and felt stronger. I’ve tried various collagen brands and would totally recommend Benesse Health as the best in the market!”




"I was drawn to this collagen product for its sustainable, ethical sourcing and its purity. Initially of course, I was intrigued by collagen for its skin and hair benefits (which I started seeing after 2 months of using Benesse) and at 42 yrs old now, I am looking forward to seeing the joint health benefits. I take Benesse daily in my smoothies, but I love that when I travel (which is often) I can simply mix it with water or juice and it is virtually tasteless. Others I have tried are fishy and that is the last taste I want in the morning! Benesse is truly a great product."